This collection includes natural tones, which can be easily added into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Incorporating sleek designs and also essential pieces, ensuring that you get a lot of wear value. These pieces will not just be worn once and be kept away for wear this time next year.
The theme of this collection is “Miss me, when I'm gone”. The year 2020 was been a very challenging one for many of us. Many have lost loved ones and also experienced struggle. It’s a gentle reminder of what we hold close to us that we will indeed miss, and that is the beauty of it, they/it will forever be in our hearts even if it is not right in front of you. Cherish the people you love most in your life as the reality is no one lives forever.
The pieces include heavyweight hoodie and sweatpants, and staple basic t-shirts in essential black and white. We have also included an ink grey colour-way and natural raw colour-way in our collection t-shirts, for that extra luxury and oversized fit.