This drop really had something for every person, that can relate to that hard-working mentality whilst also dawning a spillage of drip.

The NCE collection had a heavy focus on graphic tee’s coupled with the notion of having zero boundaries to on creativity. Our designs were truly inspired by anything that was being birthed out of hard work around that time; especially music & the idea of project creation.

Our drip tee is the perfect piece to personify those musical inspirations.

“ The drip t-shirt was inspired solely on my love for music, and at the time I was really listening to Gunna & Lil Baby, this inspired me to tap into that trend and create something wild that would add flavour and style to peoples wardrobe, unknowing to myself, this would turn out to be our biggest seller”

Louis Obafaiye Jr  |  CEO Trésbeau Studios

The theme of appreciating the hard work required to breakthrough in the music industry continued via the differing personalities we chose collaborate with within the music industry. These included Rex & Beano & JB Scofield, Paigey Cakey, Maya Craig & many more. Visit our Instagram @tresbeau to discover more.