This collection has been meticulously sampled, steering away from precipitancy, to ensure we produce the highest quality product for you. Our PRE SS21 ESSENCE collection from earlier in the year explored the process of reflecting and extracting from our environment to gain a better understanding on how the time of solitude and isolation had affected us as people and as a brand, in one aspect it inspired us to be more productive than ever before. In another aspect it invited us to rest and recharge our focus.

The ESSENCE summer collection is really an extension of this process of extraction. In all honesty this has been the most enjoyable, educational but also the most emotion inducing collection to date. In preparation for the summer drop we anticipated freedom, holidays and obviously the great weather. However, from the very conception of this drop we felt this wasn’t going to be as forthright a collection as we would have liked.


"Minimalistic Street Luxury"

Due to this realisation, ‘Feel The Heat’ speaks for more than just a relatable/applicable phrase for a summer collection. This collection was birthed by a fire & desire to create pieces that showcase what summer means to us. The particular focus on the element of fire now also highlights its ability to cause destruction. Whilst building this collection we encountered many setbacks, a lot of uncertainty & difficult periods, which meant we had to destroy certain aspects of what we were creating in order to achieve the collection we had first envisioned.

In essence, the lesson we have extracted through the process of making this collection is; you can feel like you are in a furnace of sorts in life. However, having a clear vision and understanding of who you are & what it is you’re creating should always give purpose to the pain of being in the fire. 

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