College Lifestyle - ”It's a way of living"..

Tresbeau, champions individuals who implement & knit parts of themselves into their art. For us, this drop is a collaboration between our love for competitive sport & the challenges of educational/academic institutes (corporately but also in everyday life). ‘The Academy’ is really the outcome of personal conversation & reminiscing on university life, competition days & the appreciation of how American Colleges combine the two.

This drop is a segment telling a small but notable part of our brand identity and personal story. Since university days Louis (Creative Director), came up using heavy graphics and designs, we would say this is a strong part of our brand DNA. The plan for this drop was curated on the back of a year where we had just been experimenting with very minimal design but using high-quality materials/garments. Having learnt a lot from that process and growing through it, we feel we have been able to now bring the best version of ourselves from a design and garment quality perspective.


"Life is a race, but run it at your own pace."

As mentioned earlier, drawing from sports and athletics. In creating a mood board our focus brought us to spotlight Linford Christie, he resonates with this concept perfectly, being the best British sprinter this country has seen, currently holding the 100m record of 9.91. Striving to be the best in a particular field is what we aspire to do and so should you. 

We set out to create timeless designs which can be worn all year round. Making sure that we focus on telling the story. The use of the colours - cream, racing green and white; represent athleisure and competitive energy, but also directly relates back to college lifestyle, these are popular tones you would expect to see on a College/University campus. 

Screen printing is an art - and our main technique for printing our t-shirts. We print all our garments in the United Kingdom to the high quality. All prints are hand pulled, the traditional and the right way of performing a screen print. With the “Academy” Tee, we decided to go with a racing green base print, with a brown handwriting puff print to overlap the base print. "The Championship Tour" Tee, consists of a distressed screen print, utilizing the neutral colours, white and cream.

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